Questions frequently asked about Automotive Technicians

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What makes an Automotive Technician a great one?

Strong Automotive Technicians are in good physical condition and can stand up and support a car for many hours per day. These technicians are often responsible for diagnosing and fixing problems with cars. They must have a deep understanding of cars and a critical mind to come up with logical solutions. Automotive Technician candidates should have experience working in customer service. They will often be asked to explain to drivers the issues with their vehicle and what they did to fix it.

What is the difference between an Automotive Technician (Mechanic) and an Automotive Technician (Mechanic)?

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between an Automotive Technician (Mechanic) and one that is more specific. While both Automotive Technicians and Mechanics are capable of performing basic repairs and replacements on a car’s engine, an Automotive Technician specializes in the repair and maintenance of the computer and other technical equipment that is used to program and operate the car. While most mechanics can only repair brakes, change fluids, and replace headlights or taillights, an Automotive Technician is able to perform many more complex tasks.

To whom does an Automotive Technician report?

If they work in large automotive shops, Automotive Technicians report to the Automotive Mechanic Supervisor. To ensure that customers are satisfied and the technicians work efficiently, the Automotive Mechanic Supervisor is usually in charge. They often complete large-picture tasks to keep the shop in operation.

They are also responsible for scheduling shifts, dealing with complaints and concerns from customers about technicians, and giving guidance to Automotive Technicians having trouble solving complex problems repairing vehicles. They may also report to the owner if they work in small repair shops.

Are Automotive Technicians responsible for different roles in different industries?

Depending on the job, Automotive Technicians might have different job duties. While some technicians may be skilled in general maintenance, others are trained to repair or replace specific parts. Tire Automotive Technicians perform specific tasks such as checking tire pressure, rotating tires, and replacing them. Other people may be vehicle inspectors, conducting driver’s state inspections of their vehicles. They should be familiar with all state regulations and requirements in order to inspect cars and determine if they are ready to drive.