Jamie O’Brien Net Worth 2022

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Jamie is a surfer who has made a career out of his surfing skills. He has lived near the ocean since childhood. He has also been an actor in movies that showcased his talents. In his surfing career, he has received many awards.

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Jamie is an award-winning professional surfer. He rides the waves super smooth and fast, like a bird flying through the sky. He is the youngest surfer to win in the history. He also directed two films that focused on surfing.

Early Life and Family

Jamie was born in Hawaii and raised on the Banzai Pipeline. It is well-known for its surf reef. He shared with his fans during one of his interviews that he was very afraid of surfing and being near the ocean waters as a child.

He became fearless and stronger after overcoming his fear. He was ready to face the waves and feel wind in his hair as he rode his surfboard on the beach.

He had a girlfriend once, but they split up. He is now dating Tina Cohen, a girl he has been with for a while.

His Career and Major Milestones

He used to participate in small competitions such as kneeboarding during his early years. To improve his skills and practice with professionals, he also participated in numerous events related to surfing. Jamie was in an accident in 2001 and sustained a groin injury. He still participated in Pipeline Masters, where he finished 4th out of 45 surfers.

After learning how to surf in 2012, he also started a YouTube channel. The channel quickly became popular and grew rapidly. He has over 100 million views and 600,000 subscribers. His channel is still active and he expects to continue posting.

He also has over a million Instagram followers and earns a lot through both Instagram and YouTube.

Here are a few things you didn’t know about him

He sustained a serious injury to his head in 2019. He was hit on the head by a pipe in the reef. Later, he needed 9 stitches and suffered a severe concussion.

Jamie saved a man who was about to drown on a board in 2016.

Net Worth

Jamie is supported by his sponsors to earn his large amounts. Red Bull is his main sponsor brand. Sponsored posts on Instagram, and ads on YouTube are other sources of income. Some films also made him money. His net worth after incorporating all of these factors is approximately 0.7 million to 1.5million dollars.