How to Find the Best Car Insurance Los Angeles Offers for Disabled People

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If you have a physical disability and are looking for the best car insurance Los Angeles offers at an affordable rate, then you will want to keep reading. First of all, it is important to know that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has made it illegal for car insurance companies to deby policies or charge disabled drivers higher auto insurance rates simply because they have a debilitating physical component to their well being. However, car insurance companies are able to charge policy holders higher premiums at rates that are significantly more expensive.

As a Disabled Person, How Much Should I Be Paying for Car Insurance?

According to data collected by NerdWallet in a 2022 study, the national average cost of auto insurance is $1,630 per year. Of course, if you have traffic violations, unpaid tickets, or at-fault accidents, then your rate will be higher. When you call car insurance companies for quotes they will ask you a number of questions ranging from how far you went in school to your criminal history, and questions revolving around your health to your status as a homeowner or renter. When you get your final quote, ask the insurance company to explain the rate through a breakdown. You will want to collect the factors that explain the costs at every level. This way, you will know if your premium amount is based on your physical disability, or on the fact you have a DUI and two unpaid speeding tickets, for example. That said, you can find the best car insurance Los Angeles offers by ensuring you are not being unfairly charged a higher premium simply because you have a recognized disability.

What Kind of Disabilities Could Cost you a Higher Premium with Auto Insurance in Los Angeles?

Within the meaning of California’s laws, “disabilities” can include everything from having diabetes and to an HIV infection, and from having only one limb or one functioning eye. Typically, auto insurance companies will not raise one’s premium for an internal disability such as infection or disease. However, physical disabilities often fall on their radar and, as a result, you could be paying higher auto insurance premiums. Some of these physical disabilities include:

  • Having an artificial limb / missing a limb
  • Having only one functioning eye
  • Being a little person / midget
  • Requiring a wheelchair for mobility
  • Being deaf
  • Being mute
  • Being morbidly obese

These are just some of the physical disabilities that auto insurance companies target when people look for affordable car insurance premiums.

How can I Protect Myself as a Los Angeles Driver?

First of all, there are many ways you can protect yourself as a driver in Los Angeles. First of all, you will want to make sure that your car insurance company doesn’t charge you a high premium based on a physical disability. If they do, shop for another provider. Also, Los Angeles has more traffic per capita and more accidents than any other city in the country. This means you will need to strike up a relationship with the best Los Angeles car accident attorney so that in the event you or a loved one get injured due to another driver’s negligence, your legal rights and livelihood will be protected.

Do Your Research On Car Insurance and Auto Accident Attorneys

Call multiple car insurance companies to make sure you get the best premiums, regardless of your physical health. In addition, you should also know a Los Angeles auto accident lawyer / attorney in the event you get injured in an accident.