Steps to Take If You Are Ever Pulled Over by the Police

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Have you ever been pulled over by the police while driving? This can be a scary situation, and even if you have done nothing wrong, it is natural to be worried. You must know exactly what you should and should not do in this situation so that you do not make things worse for yourself and so that you can resolve the situation as swiftly as possible. This post will outline the key steps to take once you notice the flashing lights in your rearview mirror, which will hopefully help you to stay calm and get the situation sorted quickly.

Pull Over Safely & Switch the Engine Off

Once you notice that you are being pulled over, you should make an effort to pull over at the first safe place to do so. Remember that it is ok to drive on until you find somewhere safe but be sure to show that you are looking for somewhere by turning your indicator on and slowing your speed. Once you have found somewhere, you should switch the engine off, roll down the window, and put your hands on the steering wheel where they are easily visible.

Be Cooperative

People can sometimes get defensive when pulled over, but this can make the situation much worse. Instead, be friendly and cooperative with the police and listen carefully to what they have to say. Remember to not admit fault for anything and exercise your right to remain silent if you wish. They will likely ask for your license and registration, ask you a few questions, and conduct a breathalyzer test if they believe that you are under the influence.

Avoid Sudden Movements

It is easy to panic in this situation, but you should know that making sudden movements could alert the police and even lead to your car being searched. If you are being stopped for a traffic violation, a police officer will not be allowed to search your car, but if they have reason to suspect something, then they could conduct a search. This will include “furtive movement”, illegal activity that can be seen from outside the car, or reasons to suspect that you are dangerous.

Seek Legal Help

For a traffic violation, you may receive a ticket and be sent on your way. If it is a more serious issue, such as being charged with driving under the influence, you will need to seek legal help. It is important to find an OUI/DUI attorney that will be able to advise you and find the best path forward. Whether or not you have been driving under the influence, you should always seek legal support from a lawyer that specializes in this field.

These are the key steps to take if you ever get pulled over by the police while driving and will hopefully help you to stay calm, avoid making the situation worse and resolve the issue before long. It is a daunting experience, but you must know what you should and should not do when being pulled over.