Is Nepal Safe to Travel for Solo Female Travelers? 

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Written By EricAdamson

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Nepal is a famous travel destination for many travelers from all over the world. Coincidentally, it is relatively cheaper to travel to as well when compared to the rest of the countries in Asia. It has everything for an amazing experience- from the verdant woodlands harboring biodiversity and ethnic multiculturalism to some of the most awe-inspiring Himalayan landscapes and mountain peaks that are unparalleled. It is definitely a country to visit if you haven’t already, but perhaps one of the burning questions is, is Nepal safe to travel for solo female travelers?

Albeit Nepal garnering a relatively generalized “hippie” view, it is best, and this applies to any traveler to any part of the world, to be aware of the reality and to keep your feet on the ground. This applies to Nepal as well. The Nepali people are nice enough and the average people do help you if you need. While you are trekking in Nepal, which is the most famous activity to do in the country, you can find female trekking guides as well. More often than not, you can have your trips be arranged by the local travel agency. While traveling in Nepal by yourself without the help of an agency isn’t unheard of, it is best if you arrange the trip to Nepal via a local tour operator is if it your first time visiting the country. Doing this has more perks and advantages. The agency arranges everything for the trip and you can ask for female guides to accompany you.

Moreover, as Nepal treks are quite famous all over the world, you meet a lot of other travelers in the country. This is especially true when you visit Nepal in peak trekking seasons of spring (March to May) and autumn (September to December). Large influx of visitors surge during peak seasons and you get to meet many people from all parts of the world in Nepal. As a matter of fact, while doing one of the most famous trekking journeys not only in Nepal, but the whole world- the famed Everest Base Camp Trek during peak season, you are never devoid of other trekkers and travelers. What’s more, at the higher altitude mountains, the policy of twin sharing lodge-to-lodge accommodation is practiced. What this means is that due to the limited amount of guesthouses in the Himalayas, you get to share your room with other people of the same gender.

In conclusion, Nepal definitely falls under the safe side of the spectrum when it comes to solo travels, especially for women. It is a developing country and because of this, it isn’t the most advanced in certain areas, like for example, toilets (although it has vastly improved at present). Apart from the physical safety, you also have to think about your health. And it is true that Nepali cuisine will not be liked by all people. However, the country does provide many continental cuisines as well, even at the isolated and far-flung villages and mountain settlements. Nepal depends on the tourism industry, and many reforms have been made to improve the sector in recent years. The people understand how important it is to treat visitors, and the Nepali culture also implies that we have to treat visitors like Gods and show them our best hospitality. Thus, you will find that Nepali hospitality, especially at the villages and the Himalayas, are very warm and cordial. So if you are planning your next vacation, then Nepal can be a good option!