Great Options for the Qatar Desert Safari Now

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Instagram-worthy sunsets, delicious food and luxurious tours are all the more reason to experience a summery desert safari. The fact that you visit in the summer does not necessarily mean that you have to skip this typical Dubai experience. This is why a day trip in the desert should be at the top of your Dubai list.

Desert adventures can be experienced all year round, and the summer qatar desert safari offers a unique atmosphere. To name a few things, in the middle of the desert it is cooler (in the evening) than in the city. The low humidity and the groundwater level in the desert ensure that the heat that prevails during the day is not retained when the sun goes down, making it up to seven degrees cooler than in urban areas.

Summer desert safari

This explains why the Bedouin tribes could wander through the desert in the summer for centuries – and now the locals still have every chance to set up a tent in the desert.

The Bedouin have a number of secrets to get through the summer, which may be useful to know and which many desert tour operators have used to adjust their offerings. For example, they know that when you set up a tent on top of a dune, you can benefit from a cooling breeze. Some also offer cold towels and cooled welcome drinks at desert camps, which are usually also equipped with cooling devices. Timing is of course very important here: most safaris are scheduled late in the afternoon or in the evening. To counteract the heat that is stuck, it is useful to wear loose, light clothing and drink plenty of water.


This modern Arab desert experience is nothing like a rough trip and is itself a pretty luxurious affair. Travelers are picked up with an air-conditioned SUV at their hotel so that one can enjoy the long drive away from the city towards the undulating dunes.

The adventure begins when the asphalt turns into sand, at this moment the driver lets some air out of the tires, so that the car can ride on the soft surface without sinking into it. Afterwards, guests can prepare themselves for an exciting dune bashing in Qatar ride that occasionally reminds of a ride in a roller coaster, this takes about an hour and you are guaranteed an adrenalin kick. By the time the sun goes down one usually takes a little speed and this offers the opportunity to take some great photos of the desert at sunset.

From here, the groups head towards the traditional desert camp for an evening in the thousand-and-a-night style, complete with mezze and barbecue meals and with entertainment such as camel rides and henna paintings.

Summer desert safari

And if this does not sound inviting enough, you also have access to fantastic seasonal offers, another reason to enjoy the Dubai desert this summer. Now that the options for the desert safari have increased as so many travel companies has come forth, it is a grand chance for you to get the best options for finest desert safari options. No doubt that this is the kind of work that you will be interested in and that is the reason that you will be able to get the true taste of the perfect Summer desert safari. Surely this is the kind of adventure that you will love to have and that is the reason that you will be able to have the perfect travelling experience now.