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In the recent years, wooden accessories have become refined and trendy, particularly when decorated with accents and when other wooden accessories are matched with them.

Accessories made from bamboo, maple wood etc are now found on belts and eyewear, even though the best achievement is found on the wooden watches that feature a face and band made from bamboo.

All over the world, fashion influencers have adapted this stylish medium that is turning into a top medium in the industry of fashion.

Wooden Watches are Friendly to the Environment

Wooden watches are not just long lasting and appealing, but are also friendly to the environment and hypoallergenic. Individuals who are prone to being sensitive to particular metals adore these wooden watches that are eco-friendly, which are ideal for any event.

Natural wood material is available in a lot of varied styles and colors and can look extremely attractive for casual dressing and elegant when worn for official functions.

As wood is naturally obtained from the environment, individuals might wonder how wooded watches are affecting our forests.  The great news is that bamboo watches material originates from sustainable forests.

This signifies that for each single tree that is cut down, another tree is planted. This green trend flow for accessories has become famous mostly due to the natural appeal and sustainable wood that it exudes.

Wooden Watches are not Heat Sensitive

The numerous temperature changes do not have an impact on wooden watches, as happens with metal watches. Bamboo watches are much lighter also! Wooden watches have an element that makes you feel great when wearing. The reason is due to the comfort they present and the real portrayal of natural beauty they offer.

Remember that not all watches are created completely from wood and a lot of them are blended with other material. However, the section of the watch, which comes into contact with your skin, is created from bamboo.  Even the ones with stainless steel backs have a covering of wooden flaps, together with a wooden strap.

Wooden Watches Present an Ageless Accessory

Watches are among accessories that individuals will always wear. As there are very many inventive and high-tech watch designs, wooden watches were required and this watch presents a refreshing change to collectors of watches.

Celebrities such as Black Eyed Peas and Mariel Hemingway have been sighted wearing wooden watches, which look luxurious. For example wooden watches designed in Los Angeles made by the Garwoood, these watches are very affordable and this has assisted its wide appeal for shoppers that are searching for exceptional accessories that are durable, affordable and stylish.

Wood is a material that is very attractive and over time, individuals who wear wooden watches shall start noting that the color begins to evolve. Metal watches begin to wear down with time, while wooden watches essentially appear better the more you wear them.

Your skin’s natural oils customize the wooden watch to its wearer. This is another wonderful method of being the owner of a watch that is really exceptional and different, compared to all the other watches.


Your watch is not just a tool for telling time; it creates a statement about you. People who wear wooden watches are normally in tune with nature and possess a wonderful fashion sense! Any individual who desires to buy another watch should certainly think of the numerous advantages of purchasing a wooden watch.

They are not just useful, economical and environmentally manageable, but provide a remarkable and exceptional work of art that is customized to every individual who wears it.