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You can rent an exotic car in Los Angeles to have the best experience of driving. Following mentioned is the list and specifications of the top 3 best exotic cars which you can drive in Los Angeles:


Ferrari 488 spider is an exotic car that has got a mid-rear engine and a convertible hardtop coupe which is good looking as well as well designed. Ferrari is beautifully crafted and it is recovered with attractive leather and is regarded so famous for its style and size. It has got an aerodynamic shape which ensures that the vehicle is handled with stability. Ferrari 488 spider ensures that its users can enjoy efficiency and high speed of the vehicle due to hardtop of lightweight aluminum. It can retract itself in just 15 seconds due to the convertible mechanism of Ferrari. The other key features of Ferrari 488 includes its smart GPS, Bluetooth, the rear wheel drive, engine start button, stability and traction control, air conditioning controlled by climate control and rear and front anti-lock braking system.


Lamborghini Aventador is extremely fast and crazy expensive. It has got an amazing expensive performance being a supercar. While you are driving a Lamborghini, there is the guarantee that every eye would be on you. This car is the mark of wealth and style and it has got the power to help you reach 60 miles per hour in even less than three seconds. Lamborghini Aventador has got supercharged power due to which it performs really well and efficient and is one of the easiest to be handled exotic cars. It has got sleek exterior and futuristic doors and is designed at a classy level so that it could make a statement. The other important features which make Lamborghini Aventador different from the other exotic cars includes Bluetooth, smart GPS, engine start button, air conditioning completely controlled by climate control, wheel drive, stability and traction control, and a braking system with attached anti-lock.


It was basically founded in the year 1919 is the luxury car of British and it is always regarded to be the top choice by the Hollywood stars as well as liked and appraised by the sports professionals too. It has now been a century for the brand on the way to produce such cars and it has also given its great contribution to the automobile industry with new innovating technologies.  You can get this car at rent from an exotic car rental.