The right way to take Clenbuterol for weight loss

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When we want to take any type of drug we want it to give us the best benefits and least side effects. The amount can vary from one person to another, and also how your body accepts it as a weight loss product. The dosages of Clen should start slow and gradually increase according to one’s body adaptability.

How to start taking Clenbuterol?

Irrespective of being a beginner or someone who took Clenbuterol long time ago, you have to start like you are taking it for the very first time. Men who intake this supplement regularly can start off with 40 mcg per day. However, beginners have to descanso clembuterol 40 mcg, which means breaking the amount of content. The best thing to do is start with 20 mcg in your initial period and then move on to 40 mcg.

The best time to take the pills or liquid solution is before workout and in the mornings. Taking it later might lead to sleeping problems. If you have tolerated the least dosage for 3-4 days, you could gradually increase by 20 mcg per day. Women should curb their intake as they can get more of the negative aspects.

Maximum Safety for Dosage:

It is essential to avoid the side effects so that you can stay healthy and take the maximum benefits of the supplements that you take. The maximum dosage of Clen for men is 140 to 160 mcg, while for women it is 100 mcg per day. Taking more or not following the right cycle can leave you shaky and then add on more effects.

People, who over the 140mcg content per day, can receive cardiac hypertrophy with long-term usage. This can lead you to enlarge the ventricles and produce stress and tension in your heart. There are some people who break 200 mcg and have it through the day, but that is very risky.

 Right way to intake Clenbuterol

If you have heard about the 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off method, then that is the best way of having Clenbuterol in your system. The process starts with very little amount of the dosage and then gradually increases till you reach 140 mcg or 160 mcg at the maximum.

Men usually start with 40 mcg and women with 20 mcg, but you are recommended to start with 20 mcg irrespective of the gender. For the first two weeks you consume 20 mcg and then let it circulate in your system for some time. You start the next dosage by adding 20 mcg more to your system and then continue 40 mcg for 2 more weeks.

The process increases till you hit the highest mark and then you stop the use. You might also stop when you feel that the drug is not tolerable or is not increasing the body temperature as before. The base of 40 mcg as most of you might take should breakdown in parts. In other words, descanso clembuterol 40 mcg so that you follow the right cycle and reap the maximum result.