The Increasing Clergy Sexual Abuse Cases and How They are Being Handled

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Many faiths and religious organizations are increasingly being accused of increased sexual abuse. The catholic church is one of the churches that have ongoing frequent abuses and crimes being discovered. More people from the catholic church are now coming out to demand compensation and settlement for victims and survivors of sexual abuse. CA clergy abuse cases have increasingly been reported, and most of the priests have been sued. Unfortunately, some of the cases were ignored and pushed aside to protect the clergy member accused.

Source of List of Accused Priests in California

The list of clergy members accused of sexually assaulting the church members was exposed by both the victims. The survivors worked with lawyers who would help them get compensation or settlement for the damages caused and help them move on from the traumatizing past. In addition, the list of the offenders is available online for access to the public.

Actions you should take in case abuse occurs in your church.

The first thing you should do if you suspect ongoing sexual abuse in your church is reporting to the relevant authority. This enables law enforcement to conduct an inspection, protect the victim and protect you. The lists are beneficial to people looking for a church to attend. They help to determine whether a particular church will be safe for both you and your children. Additionally, children can report any abuse through child abuse reporting hotlines for their country.

Filing on Victims Behalf

The law allows other people to file lawsuits against the clergy on behalf of the survivors. The lawsuit can be filed by the estate where the victim lives, legal guardians, and parents.

Average Settlement for Clergy Abuse

In 2018, the catholic church in the US spent $3 billion in settlements for the survivors and victims of clergy sexual abuse. However, the compensation amounts given to the victims were more diminutive, according to most of them. Some believed that they would have settled for more if they went to court. Nevertheless, the high compensation amounts indicate that there are several sexual abuse cases in religious places.

Help from Lawyers.

Many sexual abuse attorneys are ready to help victims of clergy abuse get their closure and compensation. They guide survivors of sexual abuse throughout the process and help them decide on a settlement that will best suit them. Just by contacting a law firm, victims can now get the necessary justice against the church.


Sexual abuse by clergy members mainly occurs due to abuse of power by the clergy. They use their power to take advantage of the victims who may not report anywhere since the clergy are the most powerful positions in the church. Since the victim always has no say on what happens, verbal consent is never considered a Défense when accused of clergy abuse. The sexual abuse cases continue increasing, and more awareness is being created to ensure that victims come out and get compensated for the clergy action. Some of the clergy members are prosecuted, while others choose to settle secretly.