Raspberry Ketone Effects

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Raspberry is an edible fruit which is red in color. Raspberry Ketones are chemicals that are derived from raspberries. These Raspberry Ketones are extracted from few other edible fruits like peaches, kiwis and grapes, apples, strawberries. Raspberry ketones are not only extracted from fruits but also derived from some vegetables like maple, rhubarb and pine trees. People consume raspberry ketones in one or the other way like in processed foods and as flavorants, which increases pleasant flavor in dishes.

According to FCKFat.com, Many people use raspberry ketones as weight loss supplement, which can be consumed orally or in the form of injections. Apart from using as weight loss supplements, Raspberry Ketones have other uses like- applying on scalp to prevent hair loss and excess thinning of hair. Raspberry ketones are widely used in cosmetics and foods to increase fragrance and flavors. Raspberry ketones increase body metabolism, thus helps in burning fat cells and reducing appetite. But, the weight loss properties of raspberry ketones are not proven and the results are achieved when supplements used along with proper exercise and healthy diet.weight loss

Effects of Raspberry Ketones

  • Currently half of the population in world wants to maintain great physique and to achieve it many hit gyms, follow diets and exercises and use weight loss supplements to lose weight faster.
  • There is more number of natural and synthetic weight loss supplements are available in the market.
  • Raspberry Ketones are most preferable weight loss supplements as they are derived naturally and help in losing weight faster than other.
  • Raspberry Ketones increase body metabolism and thus burn fat cells.
  • Raspberry ketones are helpful in preventing hair loss and baldness in males.
  • When raspberry ketones are supplemented along with vitamin C derivatives leads to sufficient weight loss in healthy individuals.
  • Expectant mothers are not supposed to use raspberry ketones as weight loss pills to avoid serious health complications.
  • People who are diabetic should also avoid raspberry ketones, since they reduce blood sugar levels further more than normal.
  • Raspberry ketones should be used according to the user’s age and health conditions. Though, raspberry ketones are natural derivatives from plant source and considered safe but using with proper dosages is quite important.
  • Before considering using weight loss supplements, it is advisable to discuss with doctor to avoid side effects since, few users experience increased blood pressure and increased heart beat as side effects.

Dosage of Raspberry Ketones for weight loss

  • Though Raspberry Ketones are available in the form of pills, powders and injections, it is safer to consume in oral form.
  • Dosage up to 1000 mg two times a day up to eight weeks results in weight loss.
  • However along with these supplements, healthy diet and proper exercise is necessary to lose more weight.
  • Consuming more than recommended dosage lead to serious side effects and longer usage may cause high blood pressure and increased heart beat.
  • Few people even experience nausea, jitteriness and hand tremors as part of side effects.