Job advert offers chance to drink gin and travel around the world

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If like me, you enjoy a good gin and tonic you’ll be delighted to hear that not only can you get paid to drink it, but you get to go on holiday while doing the job.

Paid to drink gin and travel the world? ‘Where do I sign up?’ I hear you cry.

The gin brand Bombay Sapphire and hospitality firm Inception Group have joined forces to seek out a global ambassador to, well, drink gin and travel.

The job has been created to commemorate the launch of a new bar inspired by Phileas Fogg’s epic around the world trip in just 80 days.

The bar is called Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration and has just opened up in the heart of Soho, London.

Yet, if you aren’t interested in staying in the big smoke candidates can apply via Mr Fogg’s website where they will have to fill out an application form and submit a video explaining why they will be ideal for the job.

The lucky few who are chosen will get to travel to Mumbai, Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York and Lisbon between August and November of this year.

It’s not all drinking and larking around in exotic cities, though. Along the way the will need to document their journey in journals, social media and a blog.

They will also have to collect botanicals and other ingredients that inspire them on their trip so when they return to London they can make their own ‘Around the World’ cocktail.

If that already sounds great. Even better, whenever they return to the bar they will get a cocktail on the house.

Sounds ideal but you are probably already asking what the catch is?

While the job is advertised as being paid, it doesn’t specify what the salary is. Also, you will need to be a skilled photographer, writer and have a prominent presence on social media.

You will also need a valid passport, love of gin and strong awareness of Mr Fogg’s and Bombay Sapphire. All in all, it doesn’t sound too bad, so what are you waiting for?

The deadline for applications is 27 August and the winners will be chosen by the British Army officer and renowned explorer Levinson Wood.