Castrol Lubricants

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A lubricant is an organic nature substance that is used to reduce friction between parts that are mutually in contact with others or slide with each other’s surface. The motive behind its use is to reduce heat produced during the working, smoothing the sliding contact and texture assembling.

Castrol is a British based brand of automotive and industrial lubricants offering a wide variety of oils, grease, and other similar products for lubrication purpose. This was born in the year of 1899 by the Charles Cheers Wakefield and later on purchased by British Petroleum (BP) in 2000 and from now on this is a subsidiary of BP. It was named “Castrol” due to the mixing of castor oil in some products. Castrol has a tag line or moto of the company “It’s more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering”.

Castrol is everywhere
Castrol has the intention to serve every single driver on Earth, every motorcyclist and every industrialist on the planet. This implies that it has to produce every type of oils, lubricants, grease, fluids, etc. for every possible application and task. They had kept in mind the thing that every part of the world is to run smoothly. This needs extra efficient lubricants, oils grease, and fluids of every niche and to cater to every need. They at Castrol are putting their efforts to fulfill every single person’s needs or demands either he is asking for a car, bus, truck’s engine oil or other oils, or asking about agricultural machine’s needs or asking about industrial unit’s needs. Castrol is everywhere.

One more thing that is marvelous, they provided a facility of Oil Finder Tool on their online portal for every type of use. This is just amazing. You don’t have to worry about the type of fuel for your vehicle or machine. Just pay a visit and in simple 3 steps, you will find the right answer to your problem.

When it comes to engine oils, they have produced every single type ranging from mineral, part synthetic, and fully synthetic motor oil. Castrol Edge is a fully synthetic motor oil made with the world-renowned Fluid Titanium Technology and providing efficiency to modern days powerful engines. Next is Castrol Magnatec. This is available in both fully synthetic and part synthetic motor oils. You can pick according to your needs. Another product is Castrol GTX which is mineral oil. Castrol Lubricants are available in all viscosity needs.

Reliability and performance
Castrol has served motorcyclists with every type of motorcycle engine oils to cater to their needs. When it comes to commercial vehicle oils and fluids, Castrol is not lagging behind its competitors. It has produced quality Castrol lubricants for its users. These lubricants help in maintaining the reliability and performance of commercial or industrialized vehicles.

Another brilliancy is Castrol powered workshops network spread across the globe. You can search for them and enjoy the equality services at affordable prices with experienced workers and mechanics. Castrol is serving various industries likewise Aerospace, Automotive, Machinery, Metals, Mining, Wind, and other industries.

Castrol is, in fact, your trustworthy vehicle and machinery partner that is everywhere to serve you.