Actions to Take After a Car Accident? — A Complete Guide

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Accidents can happen out of the blue, whether it was your fault or someone else’s. Some people think they comprehend what you must after the accident. Every year, people die of road accidents. Some of these are just accidents while others are due to the recklessness of other drivers. Whatever the reasons are, it is vital to know the action to take if you get involved in a car accident. It will be a wise move to call your Houston head-on collision attorney, but before you do that, there are crucial things that you must do first. This article is a guide on the vital decisions that you ought to make immediately after the accident happens.

  1. Check if you or your Passengers are Injured

Immediately the accident happens, the first and foremost thing you must do is check if you are injured. This will assist you to know if you should move or call for help. If you have other passengers in the car, confirm if they are hurt. Try to stay still if you are hurt. You can ask another person to call in for an emergency.

  1. Get Out of the Car

If you or your passengers are not hurt, get out of the car and go to a safe distance. This will allow you to avoid further danger like getting hurt if the car explodes. If your car is not too damaged, you can slowly drive it on the side and wait for the police.

  1. Call the Police or 911

Even without serious damages, it will be wise to call the police. They will document the accident and, this information will assist you in a situation where a case is created. Sometimes the police officers may not come to the scene. Consider visiting any station nearby and report the accident. It would be a good idea to leave the vehicles untouched unless there is interference with the traffic.

  1. Record the Accident

When the police arrive, ensure you tell them exactly what happened. Don beat around the bush. Do not attempt to play smart. If you had injuries, let them know. You must also ensure the other driver gives an accurate statement. Take several pictures from the accident before the public tampers with the scene. Photograph any visible injuries you may have incurred.

  1. Exchange Information with the Other Driver

The police officers will take the information they need. However, if they don’t show up, obtain information from the other person.  Take their name, their phone numbers, and the address. You must also ask for their insurance card for car accidents. It will also be wise to ask for information about the witnesses so that your lawyer can reach them.

The Bottom Line

After the accident, you might be confused, and it can be hard to focus. Compose yourself and do the above things. Even if you do not see visible injuries, it will be a good idea to seek medical attention. Keep the evidence since it will help you in the future. They will save you from worries, and you can get your car fixed while dealing with the insurance firm.