5 Days Itinerary of Things to Reveal in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt is a city in Germany. It is an ancient city born even before Romans settlements in Germany. It is located on the River Main, which is why its full name is Frankfurt am Main. An imperial city in the Roman Empire, it enjoys a key location in the center that enables it to be an important commercial and economic center of Germany. Due to its tall and unusual skyscrapers congenial to North American skylines, Frankfurt is also known as “Chicago on the Main”.Ranked as one of the best city to live and do business, it has become a global city, which is why it has also attracted tourists from all over the globe.

Due to its position in the center and its rich history, Frankfurt tourism is on the new high. The city has seen an increase in the number of museums, books fairs,and exhibitions covering art, history,and science. It is also an important transit hub for intercontinental, domestic and European flights. For this reason, there are plenty of flights to Frankfurt available at cheapest rates. You can get any travel agency in UK, USA, Australia or Europe where you can compare cheap flights &book your direct or connecting flights to Frankfurt.

So, what can you do in Frankfurt and how much days would be enough for this beautiful and culturally rich city? Well to find out, you are at the right place. Read the following 5 days itinerary of things to do in Frankfurt. This city will truly reveal itself once you start your trip.

Day 1:

Start your trip’s first day by visiting The Main Tower. This skyscraper is named after the River Main and is 56-storey 200 meters tall. You can practically see all of Frankfurt from its observation deck. What a way to start your first day than this art and culinary tower. Follow it with Landesmuseum which a restored monastery is. You can explore the city’s history from Neolithic times to early modern era.

You can later visit Park Rosenhohe which is a historical park. It offers beautiful sceneries of its flowery gardens beyond description. You can taste the calmness and bliss to get peace from Frankfurt’s busy roads by walking on the paved paths. If you visit it in the spring season, then you can see roses blooming all over the park. End your day by dining for dinner at Romer PilsBrunnen and enjoy the local cuisines.

Day 2:

You can start your day 2 by visiting Sachsenhausen. This is a World War 2 memorial in Frankfurt and used as a concentration camp back then. It is also a tourist attraction and you can go there to pay your respect. Afterward, you can visit Schlossmuseum Darmstadt on the Rhine. It is an art museum established by the last Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig Von Hessen. Since 1924, it has been opened to the public and it should be a must go place for you.

After the museum, we suggest you visit the Palm Garden of Frankfurt. Visiting this place is a unique experience and one must take some time to visit it. After visiting Palm Garden, you can stop for some supper at Atschel. You can follow it up with Trattoria I Siciliani for some lavish dinner.

Day 3:

Start your day 3 by visiting Goethe House. It is a Writer’s House Museum and highly rated amongst people who love literature. Even if you are not into literature, we still urge you to visit this place.

Visit Zeil Shopping Street and Havana Bar later in the day for some shopping and fun. By this time, Frankfurt would be familiar to you, so don’t be shy to indulge yourself in a little nightlife.

Day 4:

Your fourth day should be reserved fully for one of the best things Frankfurt has to offer, Waldspirale. It is a magnificent engineering marvel and used as a residential complex. It was opened up in 2000 and since then, it is one of the main attraction of the city. You can visit Zoo Vivarium Darmstadtafterward. This place is a zoo with hands-on and an area for exotic animals such as snakes, birds, lizards and more.

You can then leave for Messel Pit Fossil Site just before afternoon. This place is located outside of Frankfurt, near the village of Messel. It is an important site for its geological and scientific significance. After returning from it, you can visit St Bartholomew’s Cathedral and Romerberg.

Day 5:

Start your fifth and final day at Frankfurt by visiting St Paul’s Church and The Senckenberg Museum of Natural History. The latter is a must visit as you can see life-size skeletons of ancient dinosaurs and real fossils. This experience will be unique for many as one cannot see skeleton or fossils of dinosaurs everywhere. The Museum of Modern Art and Stadel Museum can also be visited as it is close to The Senckenberg Museum of Natural History.

Before leaving Frankfurt. We advise you not to miss out on an opportunity to dine out formally at an M Steakhouse. You can enjoy the best steaks in Frankfurt and with that, you can conclude your trip of this wonderful, important, historically and culturally rich city.